Which Android manufacturer is the fairest one of all?

Best Android manufacturers Android has gained a lot of popularity since the company was acquired by Google; many of the awesome devices we have today are based on the Android operating system and though android OS is a niche on its own, we can’t help but wonder about the competition for the top dog position within the niche.

Samsung, Sony and many other manufacturers repeatedly compete- in a healthy manner of course. At some point, Google stated its unhappiness with the fact that Samsung’s devices seemed to be the only Android devices making a mark on the market and well, the competition started to brew.

Sony has made quite an impression on us with the new Sony Xperia Z- the dust and waterproof phone that cause Samsung to sit up and release a competitor device-the Samsung S4 Active which we expect will be hitting the shelves before the end of the year. The Sony Honami smartphone is another device that is sure to cause a wave in the market in Sony’s favour but with its release date so close to that of the Samsung Galaxy Note III, we are not too sure of what to the expect.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note III smartphone is the first device that will feature 3GB RAM under its hood and by now, we all know Samsung, there is always something interesting up their sleeve. Samsung is also working on the third range of Galaxy Ace devices and we can’t help but wonder if swarming the market with their devices is a strategy Samsung is applying to hold on to its market share.

Mathematically speaking, there is a higher probability that one would buy a Samsung device because there are a lot more options to choose from and really, Samsung’s devices have become strong contenders even for Apple Inc.

HTC is another android manufacturer that is worth taking note of; however since the disappointing sales of the HTC One smartphone, the company seems to have slid into the background and all devices released after the HTC One seem to have missed their intended mark in the market.

So what do you think? Which Android manufacturer is the fairest one of all? We think Samsung takes the cake on this one. Do you?

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