The Nook tablet HD- A forgotten device.

Is the Nook tablet HD A forgotten device or is it still around ?

Barnes and Noble sure did not expect this revolution in the world during the times it ruled as the top bookshop. Nor did the company think any company could challenge it on its turf… until Amazon did anyway. The release of the first Kindle tablet or the Google Nexus Tab as an e-book reader sure got Barnes and Noble officials to sit tight and decide if they wanted to retire to the corners of their rooms and sob or if they were up to the competition. The latter was their choice and soon after the release of the Kindle tablet, the Nook tablet hit the shelves.

Since the release of the first Nook tablet, technology has taken quite a turn and lots of innovative features have been released. We have seen the iPad with retina display, the Samsung Galaxy tablet with all its amazing features, the Google nexus tablet… even on the smartphone front, we have seen some pretty amazing gizmos but we still haven’t forgotten the devices that first gave us a peek into what our world could become or perhaps we have.

Where is the Nook Tablet HD

Nook Tablet HD Review and Released

 Nook Tablet HD Released

The Nook tablet HD was released after its predecessor, the Nook tablet did considerably well in the market. At the time of its release which was late last year, the device was in really strong competition with Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD and 4 Other Tablets which like its counterpart featured a 7 inch display screen.  The Nook tablet HD is equipped with 1.3GHz TI OMAP 4470 dual core processor as well as 1GB RAM. The device has internal memory space variations of 8GB and 16GB as well as micro SD slots for memory expansion. In addition it supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as cellular networks allowing you to keep connected to what you are doing while on the go. It is also equipped with a 4000mAh battery.

So, how come this device is not creating a buzz? Even its sibling the Nook tablet HD+ is hardly heard of and we are beginning to wonder if it is best for Barnes and Noble to stick to what they are good at- paperback books.

Nook HD Tablet over shadowed.

There is no doubt that the release of the Nook tablet HD was overshadowed by Apple’s timely announcement of the iPad mini. Apple strategically announced the smaller iPad in an attempt to lure customers not only a 7 inch iPad but also to a cheaper device making it a big competition for the Amazon Kindle tablet and the Nook tablet.

The other issue of course is the lack of awesome breathtaking gizmos on this device. Every company is trying to develop something unique. Nokia is currently making headway with 3D imaging, Apple still has the retina display amongst other things and Samsung has  a smartphone that is built for humans.

However, if you are looking for something simple, you might want to consider the Nook tablet HD or the Nook tablet HD+. They are both totally affordable and will provide you with the necessary basic functions.

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