Sony unveils PlayStation 4

At last Sony Officially unveils the PS4

It was expected and now it has been confirmed. Sony has made PlayStation fanatics extremely happy! The PlayStation 4 has been confirmed by the company and has gone from a rumoured product to a highly expected device that many can’t wait to see on the shelves.

It was already speculated when the spokesperson for Sony announced the company was planning a meeting where they would be discussing PlayStation issues, that the company was planning to reveal the much anticipated PlayStation 4.

Playstation 4 Console and Remotes

Playstation 4 Console

Being a successor to the PlayStation # which is one of the most popular video game consoles in the world, it is expected that the PlayStation 4 will blow video game fanatics away with its features.

According to Sony, the PlayStation 4 will feature an eight core processor and will be the fastest and most powerful gaming network the world has ever seen. Oh boy! Be ready to donate your PlayStation 3 video game console to charity!

There is nothing else known about the device. Many have speculated that the control pads will be touch sensitive and will be full touch pads but we really can’t say because Sony did not show the device! Yes that’s right; no one got a teeny tiny glimpse of what the PlayStation 4 looks like and there was no word on when this awesome game console should be expected to hit the shelves except for a screen display with the words “ Holiday 2013”. Now, if we are thinking along the lines of the rest of the normal people out there, there are many holidays in 2013. Is Sony referring to the Christmas holiday, summer break, Easter holiday, spring break? When exactly? No word was mentioned concerning the price either so we don’t know if we should start putting away our cents and pennies in piggy banks.

Even though we didn’t get to see the device, Sony made it clear that the game controller does feature a touch pad as well as a share button. Hmmm sounds interesting but we would like to see these features at work.

Sony PS4  Pad Controller

Sony PS4 Pad Controller

What the Sony executives managed to reveal were the games that will be available on the PlayStation 4- well, some of the available games. We saw the awesome race simulator, Drive club, Infamous second son, The witness and first person shooter game Kill zone: shadow fall.

When the PlayStation 3 was made available, the price was a whooping 500 dollars but now, the game console is available at just over 200 dollars. In that case, we can expect that the PlayStation will cost more than 500 dollars at first.

Microsoft is due to unveil a successor to its very competitive Xbox 360 and many speculate it will be unveiled by June and also made available during the “Holiday season”.  Late last year, Nintendo revealed its Wii U video game console and it was well received considering it was the only new thing on the shelves. The Wii U comes with a tablet-like controller and users have the option to use either the touch control pad or the conventional Wii remote which is also included.

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