Samsung Galaxy SIV to feature eye-tracker

Samsung Galaxy  SIV or S4 eyeball tracker to be featured in the new Galaxy S4

The Samsung SIII was a hit; it still is. Many people are dumping their smartphones to get on board Samsung’s train. The successor to the SIII is bringing in more promises that we could have hoped for. When the Samsung SIV was first announced, we had no idea if it would feature any of the ‘human’ features the SIII was equipped with. Well, it turns out, there is something human about this new device too and this time, the eye tracker technology is what we are drooling about.

Touchscreen devices are sensitive and with time, the screen gets scratches and cracks and some of them can’t help but absorb some of the natural oils from our cheeks when we answer phone calls not to mention the natural oils from our fingers when we scroll up and down a web page. Samsung has found a solution to the oil smear problem and the power in this case, lies with you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Eyeball Tracker The Samsung SIV is equipped with an eyeball tracker that can detect where your eyes are as you read through a page and automatically scroll down to take you to the next page. We didnt really have a look at it in the article about the Samsung S4 features or the Galaxy SIV Technical Specifications. Now that is simply amazing. Talk about innovative technology that leaves you agape. According to unconfirmed statements, the Samsung SIV will feature a lot of ‘touch-less’ technology and will have more gesture control features, some of which include unlocking the device without actually touching it; now that would be really cool. Your smartphone can now become your very own gesture-controlled sidekick. That would not be much of a surprise though, considering Samsung revealed at the beginning of the year, its intentions to roll out a range of gesture control smart TVs.

The Samsung SIV is due for its big release on the 14th of March and already, there is a lot of buzz going on about this device; it is definitely stealing attention away from blackberry’s latest releases – the Blackberry Z10 and the Q10- both devices are based on the company’s latest operating system- the Blackberry 10.

Recently, Google made it clear that it is uncomfortable with Samsung’s monopolistic dominance on the Android platform. It is not the fact that Samsung is sitting at the top of the Android pile that bothers Google; it is the fact that Samsung seems to be the only Android brand on the market. We all know it is not but the truth is Samsung and Android are fast becoming synonyms as the Android competition is not as tough as Google would like it to be.

The Samsung SIV is sure to give Samsung a much needed boost and will most likely lead to a bigger customer base. Forget about patent battles and so on. When it comes to innovation, Samsung is a leading company and the SIV is going to be proof of that

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