Nokia to Upgrade its Music Streaming

Nokia aiming to impact the industry with music streaming upgrade

If there is one company we need to applaud for its innovative ideas in late 2012/early 2013, it is Nokia.

Late last year, the company acquired a 3D imaging company and we can see a lot of licensing opportunities for Nokia with regards to 3D mapping, 3D imaging apps amongst many others. Last year, the company released its Lumia range with the awesome wireless charging technology, a technology we are sure will become very popular this year.

Nokia Streaming Upgrade

Nokia aiming to impact the industry with music streaming upgrade

Now, the company is aiming to keep its customers close with its new music streaming upgrade. Users of the Lumia Windows phone can now upgrade to Nokia music plus for just below  4 pounds a month; that is nothing when you compare it to the amazing music content you will have access to if you happen to be a Nokia user. The upgrade will give users of the new Lumia range a higher audio quality when streaming over Wi-Fi and it is possible to access the service from other devices via a HTML 5 site.

There is no doubt this service will make Nokia one of the most popular smartphone manufacturing companies in the world. Speaking of popular, Toyota recently struck out Google to use Nokia’s mapping service in their cars. How about that for gaining popularity and keeping the company out of the deep end?

According to Nokia’s vice president for entertainment Jyrki Rosenberg, the Nokia music service is even more complete with Nokia music plus. The service targets majority of the smartphone market and with such a small subscription fee every month, it is definitely worth it.

Nokia’s new music streaming upgrade is very similar to Pandora, a radio service based in the United States that is available to subscribers for a mere $4 a month. The Pandora service like Nokia music is free in its basic form. The Nokia music plus service will start out in 24 countries all over the world in the first quarter of 2013 and we are positive it will become popular very quickly.

By the end of 2012, the company already sold over 13 million smartphones from its new Lumia range and at the moment has been named the most trusted smartphone brand in India.

Besides music streaming upgrade and 3D imaging, we are not sure what to expect from Nokia but we are sure there is a whole lot more the company has to offer. A whole lot more. We can see some competition coming up between Samsung and Nokia for the Asian market.

The great thing about Nokia is that the company is really determined to get back in the game by expanding beyond releasing new smartphones and tablets. That is one secret that has made Samsung such a successful company; it is not just about smartphones, tablets and laptop computer but the company is about a whole lot more.

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