Nokia in joint bid with Apple to ban Samsung devices

Sinking Ship Nokia joins Apple in trying to get Samsung Products Banned

While Samsung is busy endearing customers to its brand and winning the hearts of customers all over the world, the company seems to be gaining more enemies on the manufacturing platform.

To me honestly this is a golf course decision to Apple don’t go after Nokia. i really cant see the sense in Nokia joining forces with Apple.

It has been years since Apple accused Samsung of infringing on some of its patents and launched a lawsuit against the South Korean smartphone and tablet manufacturing giant.

Nokia Joins Apple to Ban Samsung Products

Nokia Joins Apple to Ban Samsung Products

The trial resulted in Apple receiving a favorable verdict of 1.05 billion dollars but no final rulings were made on the verdict. No sales bans were granted either in spite of Apple desperately trying to get most of Samsung’s devices off the shelves.

It has sparked a lot of interest recently as Judge Koh has announced that almost half of the amount awarded to Apple last year at the trial will be slashed considering the members of the jury did not follow specific instructions during calculations.

Also, the Judge refused to grant a sales ban against Samsung’s products because she was not convinced that the stolen patents are the reason customers are buying Samsung’s devices.

Apple seems to have gained an ally in pursuing their sales ban request against Samsung’s devices. Nokia recently filed a brief stating its support for Apple’s bid to secure permanent sales bans against most of Samsung’s high-end devices. At the moment, Nokia is the only outside entity expressing its view where these two arch rivals are concerned and as you would expect, we have our eyebrows raised.

It is rather amusing considering Apple and Nokia were once arch-rivals; Nokia even launched a lawsuit against Apple once but both companies settled in 2011 with Nokia receiving an undisclosed settlement from Apple.  Well, is seems these old adversaries have now become best pals as the closing date for filing any briefs in support of Apple was on the 19th of February but Nokia requested a 14 day extension which was granted. No other companies have filed any briefs in support of Apple and we, being the suspicious people that we are can’t help but wonder if Nokia stands to gain anything from getting Samsung’s devices off the market.

Hmmm… we can think of many things that many companies stand to gain. For one, it will bring an end to Samsung’s dominance on the Android platform in terms of Smartphones and tablets- a wish many manufacturing companies probably have right now.

For some reason, we don’t think Samsung is going anywhere anytime soon. All the other companies simply have to step up their game. Recently, Samsung has been bringing a lot of innovative technology into the market and we know for sure that is one of the many reason consumers are dumping their other devices and getting onboard the Samsung train.

A new trial date is yet to be set and we have our ears on the ground. The battle gets more and more interesting with time. Right now, Samsung is emerging the winner but will the table turn around soon?

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