Nokia Catwalk smart phones preview

Nokia’s Catwalk smart phones to top Lumia 920

Nokia revealed it catwalk phone at the Mobile World Congress and there is a lot of buzz about it already. Well, by a lot of buzz, we mean everyone is going on about the fact that it is more of an improved Lumia 920. The big question of course is if it really is.

Nokia Catwalk Mobile Phone

Nokia Catwalk Mobile Phone to replace the Lumia

The new catwalk phone (that is not its proper name by the way) is a smartphone that will feature an all-round Aluminum casing and a thinner version of the Lumia 920’s PureView phase 2 camera. By a thinner version, we wonder what that means.

The Nokia Catwalk phone is another Windows 8 OS based device and many are getting sour over that. A lot of people would have preferred it to be an Android device but it seems Nokia is hell bent on making their devices Windows based. As a matter of fact, many attendees at the big revelation were lamenting the operating system choice of the smartphone and we have our eyebrows raised at that. At no point did Nokia announce it will be delving into the Android platform. Why exactly are these people lamenting?

The new smartphone has been revealed but not much has been said about its other specifications. What we do know for sure is that Nokia is tossing out all the features in the Nokia Lumia 920 as well as the Nokia 808 PureView to create a device that is nothing short of phenomenal.

As things stand, we can see the new catwalk becoming the top of Nokia’s pile and that really would not be a bad idea. Though the new Lumia range is not exactly considered hardcore or top of the range of smartphones on the market, Nokia has faith in its line and the company believes it has a whole lot to offer consumers.

The Windows 8 operating system which was launched by Microsoft last year sold over 40 million units within the first month of its release but it has not pushed Nokia’s devices close enough to the top. If anything at all, the devices seem to be overlooked. In spite of that, Nokia doesn’t seem to have any plans to drop Microsoft just yet. Those that love and trust the company still stick with the devices. It is a matter of loyalty or perhaps Nokia is worried about taking Samsung on with an Android device… we wonder if that is the case.

There is news that Verizon is planning to release its own Nokia Lumia 928 which will feature a metallic finish unlike the polycarbonate finishes we have been seeing on the Lumia range. Hmmm we will believe it when we see it. This smartphone is being rumored to be called the Nokia Lazer smartphone.

We expect to see a whole lot more from Nokia. The wireless charging technology in the Lumia 920 was great and now the company needs something stronger to blow us away.

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