Nokia beaten down by Samsung

Nokia beaten down by SamsungNokia has been struggling with its market share; so far, Windows 8 phones are only appealing to a few and Android seems to be taking over in every city- every city/country except India- well until recently.

In India, where Nokia phones are so popular, Samsung has emerged strong. Samsung has dethroned Nokia as the number one smartphone brand in India and again, it is another score for Android.

According to a survey carried out by CyberMedia, the mobile market in India has grown by an impressive 14 percent and Samsung is responsible for majority of that. Apple also made it into the top five brand names in the country but even Apple couldn’t topple Samsung.

For more than a decade, Nokia has ruled the mobile market in India (now you know why the news of a new Queen is big news). At the moment, Samsung controls 31.5 percent of the market share in the country while Nokia has managed to hold on to 27.2 percent.

Why the decline for Nokia, one might ask. Well, the Android operating system is on the rise all over the world and after different updates and versions, the operating system competes very strongly with Apple’s unbreakable iOS 7. The Windows 8 operating system on the other hand is doing well in the desktop niche but not that well on the mobile platform.

Nokia has however chosen to be the only smartphone manufacturer carrying Microsoft’s operating system on all their recent devices; HTC moved back to Android after the HTC Windows Phone 8X failed to hit the spot with the public. After that, the HTC One which is based on the Android OS also failed to make the required impression for success so perhaps, it is not about the operating system. It is about the name.

What’s in a name? (Feeling all philosophical here). Has Nokia’s fame simply burned out because Samsung’s name is on everyone’s lips or is it just about the fact that Samsung manufactures more alluring smartphones than Nokia? Sincerely, Nokia’s Lumia range is pretty impressive and can satisfy the needs of every smartphone user. Why then is the company failing (question for the gods I suppose)

What do you think it is?

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