New iPad Conjoined Double Headed in Memory

Apple reveals new iPad with twice the memory


If you are a loyal fan of Apple Inc you are probably getting overwhelmed like we are with the new product releases hitting the market before we even have time to savour the previous releases. If you have been holding your breath for the iPad 4, you might want to hold it a little longer for the new iPad due to be released in a couple of months. Yes you just read that right- Apple is releasing a new iPad.

Apple Says the new iPad has double memory

Apple Says the new iPad has double its own memory

The first thing that came to mind when we first got this information was “Huh?!” followed by a lengthy speechlessness and we don’t mean that in a good way. Just a couple of months or so ago, Apple quietly  discontinued the iPad 3- no warnings, no reasons… all we know is the iPad 4 was released in its place and the only difference between the iPad 3 and the iPad 4? A better processor that can handle the graphics and gaming features of the device better. Talk about crazy!

Well, if you think that is crazy, you might want to hold your tongue till you have read about the new iPad 5. Well, Apple hasn’t officially called it the iPad 5 but it is the 5th generation so we might as well call it that.

The new iPad has twice the memory its predecessors have and is apparently Apple’s way of scoring loyalty with businesses that share a large amount of data. The new iPad will have 128GB memory space available on it. According to Apple’s senior vice president for marketing, Philip Schiller, the new iPad will provide businesses, educators and even artists with a whole lot more, considering it has over 300,000 native apps.

Okay Apple we hear you but couldn’t that have been done in the iPad 4 or perhaps the addition of a micro SD slot is not a bad idea. We have barely had time to even assess how the iPad mini is doing or even the iPad 4.

According to some reports, Apple is possibly in a state of panic after its share value dropped below 500 US dollars and is making moves to improve its share price. Recently, the company reported a much lower profit margin than had been projected for it.

Apple is perhaps reaching an abysmal point considering the iPad mini was the last device that was advertised; well it wasn’t advertised aggressively but at least the world knew it was coming. The iPad 4 on the other hand was barely advertised just like its successor is not getting much publicity. Question is “Is Apple playing low deliberately or does the company feel overwhelmed by the competition that it doesn’t feel the need to advertise these new devices in order to avoid embarrassment? That seems rather unlikely for a top smartphone manufacturing company like Apple Inc but it is not impossible.

Another thing that you might want to think about is if Apple is actually doing good under Tim Cook?

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