New Iconia W7 | W5 and Iconia A tablet from Acer

Acer launches the new Iconia W7 | W5 and Iconia A tablets.

Acer has revealed a new Iconia tablet at the Mobile World Congress and there is a lot of buzz about it already. Oh…did we say new? It is a refurbished version of the old Iconia tablet but still at the price Acer is offering.

We bet many will be standing in queues for this device! These tablets are launched the same time as the HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet.

The ‘new’ Iconia tablet from Acer is a 10.1 inch device- one of the ‘big’ tablets on the market. With Apple’s iPad at 9.7 inches, the difference in size is not that much. The Iconia tab A210 is being offered at a give-away price of $199. Talk about a free gift!

ICONIA W7 The device is based on the Android 4.0 jelly Bean operating system and there is word that Acer will release an update to Android 4.1 very soon. It is equipped with a 1.2GHz Tegra 3 processor and a reasonably good screen resolution of 1280×800.

The device further features internal memory space of 16GB which you can expand simply by inserting a micro SD memory card into its micro SD slot.

The device only features a front-facing camera so you can only do self potraits and not any sort of video recording…well, except you intend to do it blindly. With a weight of about 1.5 pounds, this device is not exactly light and sleek like you would expect but hey it costs just $199 shipped so the weight is a secondary issue.

This refurbished version of the tablet might look like a good idea but there is no indication whatsoever that Acer put a lot of effort into it and really, why refurbish an old device when you can work on something new and blow everyone away? We guess we will never know.

Perhaps this refurbished version is a preview of things to come? Or perhaps a device to test the faith of consumers in Acer?ICONIA W5

The device is going for $349 on Amazon and it has received a lot of positive reviews already. Well, that is sort normal. A 10.1 inch tablet going for less than $400 is simply amazing and there is no doubt that is the strongest selling point for this device. its not nearly as good as the HP Slate you can go to this page HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet Review to read more on this new HP tablet.

There are no other new features to look forward to however and if you are unsure of what to expect, you can simply check out the old Iconia tablet. There is only a 90 day warranty on this refurbished version though.

ICONIA A With big players and contenders like Apple and Samsung still on the market, Acer’s offer might seem attractive financially but in terms of quality, will it match up to what the trend is at the moment?

We cannot ignore the fact that technology is moving very fast and to keep up, manufacturers have to go big. Acer has gone big literally in terms of size but the company will need a whole lot more than  a refurbished tablet to keep its place in the market.

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