Is there a gesture control iPhone on the way?

Apple is out to compete with Samsung with all it’s got and this time it is not just about the technical gizmos but about gesture control.

Apple is reportedly working on an iPhone that can be controlled by nodding your head. Yes, I am also thinking the same thing; there will be so many people twitching weirdly on buses, as they walk and evn as they read documents on their iPhone.

This feature of the iPhone will apparently be in tune with the new iOS 7; it will allow you to reply text messages by shaking your head, access facebook or twitter with nods and even adjust the volume of your music player as well as launch Siri.

The technology is apparently not yet complete but Apple intends to test the reactions of consumers to using their heads as controls instead of constantly touching the screen of their iPhones which unfortunately lacks the effectiveness of the so-called oleophobic coating.

The release of this rumour which is yet to be confirmed by Apple has set off a lot of funny comments.

From vanity, we got these possible thoughts one would have when you see a person twitching while staring at his or her iPhone with head bob control.

  • practicing the moves to the “Blurred Lines”
  • having a seizure
  • taking repeated video selfies for Instagram
  • thinking too hard about James Woods and his 46 years younger girlfriend
  • reeling in disgust from a particularly offensive Snapchat
  • fighting off an attack from a giant imaginary scorpion
  • grappling with a particulary difficult level of Candy Crush
  • doing that violet head thrashing manuever you do when your ear’s popped and you’re trying to un-pop it.


Having a seizure is most likely the first thought to jump to mind when someone seems to be twitching uncontrollably. Unfortunately, we might get used to the technology and not realize when someone is actually having a seizure. Oh dear! The thought of people twitching  to control their Iphone paints a picture of many individuals doing the neck-move by Voldemort in Harry Porter when he has had enough of an amateur’s nonsense and wants to show how real magic is done


The head bob technology really doesn’t seem like something that will be welcome. Even if it is included in the next generation of iPhones, we doubt many people would use it but then again, who knows?


On a more serious note though, Apple needs to come up with something else. The brainstorming department can sure come up with something a lot better than this.


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