HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet Review

We review the HP slate windows  7 tablet

HP seems to have a lot in store for us this year with the HP slate windows 7 tablet we review the tablet right here. Last year, the company released a Windows 8 tablet that captured the hearts of the executives at Emirates airline, making it the tablet for the flight attendants on the airline and boosting the sales of HP’s Elite pad 900 by 100o units. This HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet Review is as good as it gets. The Windows 8 operating system on the ElitePad was one of its strong points as consumers pondered for a while if Windows 8 tablets could replace laptop computers.

It seems like the reign of the Windows operating system is slowly slipping into the background as most manufacturers have turned back to their loved Android Operating system. The HP Slate 7 is one of HP’s new releases and has been revealed at the Mobile world Congress. The device is in tune with the new trend of seven inch tablets and is based on the Android 4.1 Jelly bean operating system.

HP Windows 7 Tablet Features and Specifications

HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet Review The handy HP Windows 7 Tablet Features include a seven inch tablet is equipped with a dual-core ARM cortex-A9 processor and has a screen resolution of 1024×600. HP has not revealed much about the device and we wonder if it because there is not much to reveal. We do know that the device is embedded with Beats Audio; this is no surprise considering HP recently acquired the company and we are glad we will be getting some really good audio quality out of it. In addition, the slate 7 is equipped with two cameras- one front-facing and one rear camera. The rear camera is a mere 3 megapixel which is not exactly exciting but on the bright side, it trumps many tablets that do not have cameras at all but then again, we have to ask ourselves if it is worth it having a camera that takes crappy pictures. We will leave that to you to decide if you like the HP Windows 7 Tablet Features.

HP Slate Technical Specifications

HP Slate Technical Specifications  features a micro SD slot for memory expansion and a micro USB slot. Besides that, there is not much else known about the device. The display screen with a resolution of 1024×600 is rather mediocre when we compare it to other seven inch tablets on the market. This gives us the impression that HP is not out to compete with other manufacturers. Rather, the company is simply trying to make its impact felt in the Android tablet market. The question is… “is theHP Slate Technical Specifications tablet really going to make an impact?” HP Slate Windows 7

HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet Price

The price of the HP Slate tablet might count in its favour considering it will be sold in the United States from April at an affordable $169; now that is not too bad if you just need a portable tablet for basic needs and nothing intense.  The Slate 7 is not as cheap as Amazon’s kindle HD which is available for $100 less but it is still appealing to the basic user.

The poor resolution of the screen is something no one is keen about. With retina display and all sorts of high resolution technology on sale out there, HP has not put a lot of effort into this device. What do you think of this HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet Review? Tell us what you think.

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