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How to get Viber messenger onto any windows PC – guide by CellPhone BOB

Do you dislike WhatsApp Messenger then you will love Viber for PC. On the back of two recent articles on WhatsApp fir apple Mac and whatsapp messenger for your computer. We are doing this guide on getting Viber  for PC. Our guide on Viber for your personal computer will guide you to the following topics.

THIS GUIDE IS TO GET VIBER ANDROID APP ON A PC. There is now an Official Download Viber for Windows available. Thanks to Bazooka Apps you can read their guide on Viber for PC right here.

How to get Viber for your Personal Computer

Download Viber for PC, Installing Viber on your PC and activating and using Viber for the first time.

Much like many other messenger programs for mobile phones, there is no official version for a Viber on your personal computer application released. So naturally there are ways around this.

Step 1 – Download Mobile Phone Emulator ( Viber PC Client )

You can use any mobile phone emulator to have Viber installed on your personal computer. We prefer Bluetacks, just like in our other How to guides.

Other Emulators are YouWave and Android Official Emulator.

  • Download the Application from here.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions until the setup is complete.

A Detailed guide is found here. Please follow this guide on downloading and installing BlueStacks onto your PC. This guide was been updated and is fully working.

  • Now use the Application Search Icon and search for Google Search.
  • Install Google Search.  (optional)


Now that you have completed the Android Emulator Install we can now Download Viber.

Download-ViberFor-PC-ButtonStep 2 – Download Viber for PC

You can do a Viber Download for  directly onto your hard drive – here is how you do that. Here is two methods of doing so.

Using your Computer to Download Viber :

  • Use the Google Search and use the following address :
  •   or  Viber download link.
  • Viber is now downloading to your personal computer directly
  • When the Viber download is complete, you can go ahead and install Viber onto your personal computer.


Using Google Search to Download Viber onto your PC

Open Google Search

  • Type in the following address in the address bar
  • Viber will start to download in a few seconds.
  • When the download is complete Viber will automatically start with step 3 – Installing Viber.

As you can see downloading Viber onto your computer is really easy. It is very user-friendly and it is also available for MAC users. Also can you synchronize this program with Bluestacks

Installing Viber Personal-Computer

Step 3 – How to setup Viber  on your pc

After the Viber Messaging  application is download as describes in the previous step. nest is to setup or install Viber.

  • Go to your download folder ( folder where you downloaded the VIBER.APK )
  • Double Click on the file.
  • Viber will now automatically install onto your computer.
  • To access Viber you will always have to open Bluestacks.

Final Setup of Viber on your Windows PC.

  • When Viber is open it will ask you for your phone number
  • Enter your phone number and click subit
  • You will receive a Viber code via SMS / Text message
  • Enter this code and click on “Continue”
  • Next Enter your name.
  • Allow Viber to Access your contacts to sync with other Viber users.

You now have a working version of Viber PC running on your computer.

If you have any questions, please use the comment system below and our community will or us will gladly help you out. Please like and Share this guide we need the marketing.


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