Firefox Mobile OS phones on their way!

If there is one news we were not expecting in our wildest fantasies (or should we say in our worst nightmares), it is the launch and release of a Firefox Mobile OS.  The news was definitely a big surprise from Software maker Mozilla at the Mobile World Congress and many are still trying to process the information. This new mobile operating system from Mozilla Firefox is surely something to look out for.

It appears Mozilla is trying to compete with Google by launching its own operating system, called Firefox Mobile OS,  just when the Android operating system is starting to gain some ground against its biggest competitor, Apple’s iOS. During the course of its unexpected revelation, Mozilla revealed that 18 mobile carriers were already on board with the new operating system Firefox Mobile OS.

Firefox Mobile OS Goes Mobile

Firefox  OS Mobile Phone The question on everyone’s lips is “who needs a Firefox OS smartphone” with this Firefox Mobile operating system on it?  The most popular answer so far? “NO ONE!” Sincerely, the operating systems on the market at the moment are doing just great and we think Mozilla is a little too late for this particular party; oh did we say a little? We mean Mozilla is extremely late for this party.

The most popular operating system on the market now is a strong tie between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system. The iOS recently suffered some blows when last year, the iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 drove people crazy with the many errors in its mapping application. A new version of the iOS has been released, the iOS 6.1 and so far, there haven’t been any incessant complaints. However, the iOS is considered to be rather ‘uptight’.

The Android operating system on the other hand is more fun, more accessible and best of all, it is a free platform for manufacturers to develop their devices on and also gives app developers a lot of freedom. It is a more personal operating system that allows you to customize your device the way you please.

Recently, Blackberry launched its Blackberry 10 operating system which had the highest number of apps than any other novel operating system. The company is thinking of licensing the OS in order to generate more funds for the ailing ship.

These are operating systems that are considerably well known and trusted, Mozilla is trusted with its web browser. We do think the Firefox Mobile OS will follow suit at this point. The windows operating system is also dominating the market in tablets and smartphones. So dear Mozilla, what exactly is the game plan here? What will the Firefox operating system for mobile phones have to offer that will be totally different from what we already have?

At this point innovation is key to Mozilla’s operating system’s success and for some reason we have very very very little faith. We  hope the company proves us wrong and gives Google a run for its money with Firefox Mobile OS.

More on their website here.

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