Blackberry 10 launched

New Blackberry Smartphones released!


Blackberry 10

Finally, the long awaited operating system has been launched and it has become a topic for discussion on many lips. Research in Motion, now called Blackberry (Oh yes, the company changed its name) launched the new operating system at events held simultaneously in different venues across the world- New York and Johannesburg included.

The Blackberry 10 OS has been promised to deliver more apps than any novel operating system that has ever been released. The company is also planning to sell license rights for the operating system in order to pool in more resources and keep the company afloat.

Blackberry 10 is one of the few ways the company plans to make enough money. It is not news the company has been in financial trouble and needs all the luck it can get to make it through.

Blackberry10 Launched

New Blackberry 10 devices Launched

 New Blackberry 10  devices Launched

The Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry Q10 are the first two Blackberry 10 releases and have been praised on all sides; well, the Blackberry Z10 more than the Q10. The blackberry Z10 is a full touchscreen device and is the definition of sleek! Yes it is even slimmer than the iPhone. It is simply beautiful. Thank goodness Blackberry finally ditched the traditional brick look with qwerty keypads. Well, they didn’t ditch it completely. The Q10 has that same look and well, from what we have seen, the device looks very much like the blackberry Bold 9900, just with a wider screen display so no one is exactly nuts about it. The Z10 is definitely going to be the more popular one but if you are a loyal Blackberry user, you might not want to rush out to queue just yet.

No more BIS?

Rumour has it that BIS might be cancelled in some African countries. According to these rumours, Blackberry is planning to cancel BIS and have their customers purchase data plans instead. Hmmm… if there is one thing that has made Blackberry very popular in Africa, it is BIS- the cheap rate it is offered for and the ease of communication the smartphone offers. We understand Research in Motion is trying to make their smartphones Android-like but we believe it will be better to increase the price of BIS than to have it scrapped totally. Scrapping BIS might just be the company’s way of digging its own grave.

Blackberry 10 smartphones: Prices and Release date

The new Blackberry Z10 is already available in the United Kingdom. According to reports, Carphone warehouse, a popular retail store in England is already taking orders for the new smartphone. It is due for release in Canada next month but will only be available in South Africa from the first week of March. Many are claiming the Blackberry Z10 will cost nothing less than 480 pounds and those that wish to get the smartphone on contract in the UK will have to cough out 220 pounds first and make payments of 25 pounds monthly afterwards. We will wait for the stores to confirm these rumours.

In case you have been wondering, the BB10 plays Angry Birds *wink wink*

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