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With technology moving at such an intensely fast pace, we are not surprised that smartphone and tablet manufacturers are rolling out anything they feel will blow us away. The new gist on the block is that there is a new smartphone on the market and it is apparently the fastest smartphone in the world. Will this smartphone have the new Firefox Mobile OS.

OK, we really don’t know if that is enough to capture the hearts of consumers. In case you are wondering, the company is Huawei- a Chinese company that was recently named the world’s third largest maker of smartphones has announced that its new flagship model is the fastest smartphone in the world.

Huawei Ascend P2 The new device which is the Ascend P2 will be available sometime between April and June and will feature a 4.7 inch display screen and will be based on an Android operating system. This week the news was dominated by tablet releases. Like the New Iconia W7 | W5 and Iconia A tablet from Acer. Further there is a HP Slate Windows 7 Tablet Review we did. The device will also be available at an affordable price of just over 500 dollars without a contract.

According to Huawei, the device is the fastest smartphone in the world because it can support faster download speeds compared to other smartphones on the market. Okay Huawei, we will believe it when we see it. With 4G LTE now becoming ubiquitous, faster surfing is not exactly an issue to be addressed but clearly Huawei thinks differently.

According to an executive from Huawei, the new Ascend P2 smartphone will be able to supply about 100 different themes; this he said is something to appeal to the hearts of the ladies considering their love for flowers and other colorful things. Hmmm I wonder if it has a diamonds theme too. What’s color without a little glitter?

Fastest Smartphone Ever ascend p2 The Ascend p2 is set to address the glitches unavoidable in the wireless networks around us today considering most networks are not equipped to handle speed. The Ascend P2 smartphone is one of Huawei’s best inventions from what we have seen and we are sure the device truly has a lot to offer the public.

Last year, according to research, Huawei was named the third largest smartphone maker after Apple and Samsung. The company is not well known and its devices are not exactly displayed on all shelves in technology shops in the United States but it is a company that is known for its quality devices and has managed to establish its niche somewhere in Europe.

The company is on a mission to become globally accepted and recognised and we really can see that happening considering the fact that its devices show evidence of blood and sweat (not literally) being poured into the manufacture of the devices.

We can’t wait to see the Ascend P2 based on the Android operating system and we are guessing a little bit of heat will be generated in terms of competition. Samsung, Apple, Google and the rest of you all, sit tight! Huawei is coming!!!

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