Apple TV – 2013 Review


First Review for Apple TV in 2013

If there is one Apple product that has not been getting a lot of attention from the public or even adequate marketing from the company, it is the Apple TV. If you are thinking of a LCD screen TV based on Apple’s iOS operating system then you might want to get that image out of your head. The Apple TV is actually a sort of media receiver that plays digital content from iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, amongst many others. The device works in conjunction with any MacBook device or a Windows desktop or laptop PC that runs iTunes. It can also work with any High Definition Widescreen Television. It all depends on you.

This device enables users to view any form of media ranging from pictures to movies on enhanced-definition television sets or on their PCs. It works in connection with a local area network allowing users to access the iTunes store in order to rent movies, buy or download music.

The History of Apple TV thus far Apple TV: History

The first generation of Apple TV was released in March 2007 and it was shipped with a memory capacity of 40GB. This version was discontinued two months after when the 160GB hard drive version of Apple TV hit the shelves. The second generation was released in 2010 and was offered at a much cheaper price than the first generation. The reason for the cheaper price is unclear but it is probably because the first generation of Apple TV did not gain as much popularity as the company expected. The second generation also lacked the Hard drive present in the first generation but it had 8GB of internal memory that was hardly advertised. The third generation of the Apple TV which happens to be the most recent release of this device was revealed on the 7th of March 2012 and happens to have a better user interface than its predecessors.

Usefull AppleTV Features Apple TV: Useful features

The Apple TV can display almost any media content and allows users to view pictures from flickr, videos from YouTube amongst many others. It is not required that you sign in on any of these applications. Also the device allows parents to set parent control restrictions on the internet media files that can be accessed by their children which is a plus for this product. The key part of using this device is that it has to be connected to the internet and of course connected to a device with a screen such as a Windows PC or Macbook or a TV.

Do you need the Apple TV?

In our opinion, this device is not necessary. Considering the fact that Apple has improved its line of devices and it is now possible to stream movies on your iPad, there is really no reason to purchase an Apple TV when you can buy an iPad and get so much more. If you are however looking to purchase the Apple TV, be sure to have internet connection. The device is currently being introduced to the South African market where its success is unsure considering the fact that not many South African residents have broadband connections.

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