Apple Promices Great Things for 2013

Apple promises great things are coming soon!


Apple’s stick dip on the market has had shareholders worried for some time now so at the annual shareholders meeting recently held, Tim Cook has assured the shareholders that the company is working on some ‘great stuff’ which he claims will reverse the stock price dip and place Apple back at it highly envious position on the stock market.

If you are wondering what the great stuff is, all we can say is we couldn’t get anything through Tim Cook’s tight lips. Well, that is no surprise. Apple has been known to be very secretive we just hope that the ‘great stuff’ Tim Cook is referring to is truly something different and not just another iPhone-iPad-iPod look alike and we definitely hope he is not referring to the iWatch.

There are speculations about what Apple might be working and there are also suggestive statements that Apple might just be running out of ideas. During the course of the meeting, a shareholder suggested that Apple should work on a computerized bicycle; a suggestion that caused Tim Cook and the rest of the group to chuckle. If it was a chuckle of delight at the suggestion or a chuckle of scorn at a computerized bicycle, we will never know.

There are other speculations that Apple might be working on its own range of smart TVs that can connect to the internet but wait a minute, isn’t that niche in the market saturated already? Samsung’s smart TVs and the new super smart collection that will be rolled out this year has dominated most of the niche. Other competitors like LG and HiSense have risen up to the game and have rolled out their own smart appliances- Smart Tvs, smart ovens and even smart refrigerators. If Apple is planning to join that party, the company is a little too late in our opinion. That ship has already sailed or perhaps not?

The good thing about working on a ‘new’ device that has already been released by the competition, it is the fact that you can do a better job and come up with technology that kicks the asses of already-existing products. Is this Apple’s game plan by any chance?

The company’s share price hit an all-time high about six months ago at a value of over seven hundred dollars but since then, the plunge in stock price has led to a loss of over 200 billion dollars wiping out about a third of shareholder’s wealth. There is a strong need for Apple to reverse the current stock market trend and rise up again to its envious position. The fact that the company has not revealed anything new since the sad demise of Late Steve Jobs is rather worrisome for its shareholders and we believe they have reason to be worried. What if all the enticing and innovative inventions are buried with Steve Jobs? You might say the iWatch is something new but sincerely, read the full article on the iWatch,  Apple is not the first or only company working on that. Sony is already on that show.

Well, Tim Cook has promised great stuff and we hope that is what we will get!

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