Apple can’t touch the Galaxy S4

Apple and Samsung have  a trial date set for March next year and the patent battle keeps brewing as Apple has been adding more devices to its list of patent infringement against Samsung.

After the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4 this year, Apple made it clear that the device will be added to the list of devices that infringe on many of Apple’s patents. The court has however declined Apple’s request to add the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the list of devices infringing on the company’s patents.

This time Judge Paul Grewal declined Apple’s request even though the company offered to drop an older Samsung device from its list of patent infringement devices and instead add the Samsung Galaxy S4. According to the judge, the process is not as simple as it looks and earlier rulings by judge Koh urged both companies to streamline the devices they are building cases against in preparation for the trial.

The declination does not stem from spite as some Apple enthusiasts believe. Addition of the Galaxy S4 will simply prolong the issue of patent battle that has been ongoing for years. Firstly, the Galaxy S4 is new to the market and Samsung will have to carry out extensive surveys on consumer preferences amongst other things in order to defend itself in the court room against Apple.

In addition, Samsung will have to meet and confer with Apple in order to seek relief from court and carry out all the necessary steps and provide extensive financial report, causing unnecessary delays in the patent infringement case.

Apple has responded to the ruling by Judge Paul Grewal stating that if the Samsung galaxy S4 is not added to the list, the company will be forced to file a different patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung.  Judge Grewal was not in the least bothered by Apple’s reaction. According to him, Apple has to dismiss a lot of Samsung’s devices without prejudice from its list and this would most likely result in a new lawsuit anyway.

While the patent battle is waxing strong, Apple and Samsung are competing strongly on the smartphone and tablet front. While Apple is working hard on the new iPhone 5s, Samsung is working on a whole new range of products from smartphones to tablets.

The Samsung ATIV Q tablet is one of Smasung’s most recent products that have been announced. The ATIV Q tablet is a hybrid device that runs both Microsoft apps and operating system as well as Android apps.

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